Entering Private Crypto Poker Beta Testing

12th March 2018 | CPC TEAM

We now enter the final phase of QA testing, beta testing and making sure security is up to scratch through penetration testing.

We will be conducting numerous tests during this period. Our expected timeline is as follows:

1. Game quality checks, performance testing
2. Card shuffling blockchain technology testing and cross-checking results
3. Server load testing and penetration testing of worldwide server infastructure
4. Security checks of withdrawal/deposit systems and exploit checking through scenario based analysis + practical application
5. Hollistic game features testing cross-platforms of Web, Mobile and Windows software client

We expect launch date to be 2-4 months from now but could indeed be quicker depending on how successful our tests are and the feedback we get from our players.

Want to be a beta tester? Please email us your details and experience at:


Our blockchain powered poker platform launch is soon approaching! More updates to follow soon..

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