Full support for Ethereum now added to the poker game!

7th August 2017 | CPC TEAM

We have officially added a second Crypto (Ethereum/ETH) to our supported currencies list! There will be an Ethereum based lobby with games running 24/7 including Ethereum tournaments and Sit n goes.

Crypto poker club now supports ethereum

This falls into our platform development strategy of supporting as many Crypto’s as possible. Cryptocurrencies will be the future and we want to support as many as possible.

Adding new currencies will certainly be something we will continuously develop post launch.

Our current roadmap on which we want to support next:

1. Litecoin (LTC)
2. Ripple (XRP)
3. Bitcoin Cash
4. NEO (NEO)
5. Cardano (ADA)
6. Moreno (XMR)

This is a rough overview of our internal plans to support more Cryptocurrency in our Crypto Poker platform.

For any requests or questions about our future cryptocurrency support plans, please let us know!


This is the first step for us to eventually support all cryptocurrency assets including most of the alt-coins!

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