First poker game to ever have Bitcoin & Ethereum Spot pricing Conversions!

7th August 2017 | CPC TEAM

In game realtime spot pricing of Crypto to USD conversions for the ultimate Crypto Poker Experience.

During our thought process of thinking about the future of online poker games with crypto – we realized that players may not yet be comfortable with bet sizes and betting strategies just by looking at cryptocurrencies alone.

To solve this challenge, we developed an in-game spot price conversion system! The information will be pulled from Coinbase’s official figures and are very reliable. Across all tables and lobbies, you will see the USD Dollar equivalent of your crypto at all times even during betting.

This also makes it easier to understand pot relational values, implied odds and pot odds for example. Understanding at any given point in time exactly how much the bet and pot is worth gives you a massive edge and makes the game very easy to play.

The system will also be applied to any future cryptocurrencies to keep consistency.

Let us know what you guys think of this new change!


We made it easy to adapt to the new style and generation of Poker. Treat it like the USD until you get comfortable with knowing the true value of your Crypto.

Confirmed Launch Date 20th April 2018!
16th March 2018
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7th August 2017

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