Huge Crypto security update for Bitcoin & Ethereum

6th October 2017 | CPC TEAM

We have some exciting news and security updates to the platform. We will become one of the most secure poker games in the universe! Here is what we have done.


We have made substantial investments to ensure our game servers and client connections are fully secure. We will be running full encryption across all connections to and from our server using secure 256bit keys. This is not your normal security protocol – our intelligent systems will be utilizing special scans for (but not limited to); where your connection is coming from, from which device and what type of local environment you are on. Our security does not stop just at the connection level but also we look at your local security.

It will also remember previous logins from previous devices and will notify you of any recent login activity that may look suspicious. Any suspicious login will be flagged by our deposit/withdrawal system and will prevent users from taking any of your funds until you verify that the login was legitimate.

Lastly, we have increased our DOS protocols to ensure games are running 24/7 with a 99.9% uptime. We can firmly say without a doubt that we will have one of the most secure poker platform in the world!

Players funds:

We have deployed two new strategies to ensure players funds are fully secure.

1. We will keep all players funds on physical (offline) hardware wallets which are impossible to hack as it is offline. These wallets will be kept fully secured with additional encryption added onto them. Unlike other platforms, there is no risk of losing your funds due to hackers. Security is very crucial when it comes to Cryptocurrency, we take it very seriously.

2. We will employ segregation tactics through 20+ hardware wallets located in multiple countries across the world. Players funds will be divided into multiple locations thus increasing security further in case one of the locations is compromised. Your funds will be fully secured with Crypto Poker Club.

Personal players shield:

We are rolling out a new type of protection taking that extra step to ensure your experience and security is maximized.

All our software will come with a personal security shield that will run in the background and act as an additional anti-virus for anything that may be hooking onto our game. This includes full protection from Trojans, worms, viruses, bots and anything else that is gaming access to your local game, files or system processes.

We understand that most security exploits are done locally and not at server level as it is easier to hack an individual’s personal computer than enterprise level servers. We have taken steps to ensure all players are as safe as possible within our game.


We have built one of the most secure poker game & platform in the world and look at not just our own security but yours as well. Welcome to the new era of decentralized gaming.

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