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20th September 2017 | CPC TEAM

As part of our mission to empower poker players worldwide, we have created one of the best rakeback programmes in the world.

Best poker rakeback deals 2018 crypto poker club

You will find that these are much easier to reach than normal rakeback programmes. You wouldn’t have to play thousands of hands to get a rank up and all the full rakeback bonus programme is 100% native. All players will get a chance to earn extra cash bonuses at the end of each month. This is not a promotion. The rewards programme is here to stay for all!

How it works:

From the 1st to the 30th of each month, all the rake you have paid will be calculated. If it meets within a specific range, that is the rank you are assigned. For the following month(s), you will get a chance to rank up if you play more and depending on the volume. All rakeback is paid at the end of each month to all ranks.


Bronze Star: 5% Rakeback
Silver Star: 10% Rakeback
Gold Star: 20% Rakeback
Platinum Star: 35% Rakeback
All-Star: 50% Rakeback

Requirements (equivalent in any cryptocurrency):

Bronze Star: $100
Silver Star: $400
Gold Star: $2,000
Platinum Star: $5,000
All-Star: $10,000

The poker rakeback bonuses are paid automatically and you will be able to view programme inside the cashier and lobbies. You will also be awarded ‘stars’ around your avatar for bragging rights if you wish! You would have the option to hide your rank from your opponent.

For more information on how this works, connect with us through live chat or email.


A typical All-star ranked player is guaranteed to get at least $5,000 monthly free cash bonuses. That is $60K per year as a minimum with absolutely no caps. The bonus potential is unlimited!

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