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New to Crypto? Not sure how to buy Bitcoin? No problem! We have your back.

How to get a wallet & buy Crypto?

We recommend using one of the oldest and most developed wallet providers on the planet.

Head over to:

After you have completed the sign up process, you should see this screen below:

Where shown 'BUY BITCOIN' on the left side menu, click that to proceed to top up your wallet. You should then see the bottom screen. After you entered your location, it will ask you how much you would like to buy.

The rest of the process is very simple and you can buy Bitcoin with pretty much all payment methods such as credit cards. After the purchase has been made, you will now see your balance in the dashboard section! You are now apart of the revolution and an official Bitcoin owner!

How do I deposit on Crypto Poker Club?

Depositing is very easy. Once you are in the dashboard section of Blockchain Info wallet - simply click on 'send'. You should see the screen below. At the same time, pressing 'deposit' inside our windows or web app, you will be taken to a coinbase payment gateway page.

All you simply need to do is press bitcoin then copy over the address into your blockchain info wallet as shown below. Then enter the amount and press continue. Once you confirm it again, it will be sent.

After pressing continue, it will ask you to confirm one last time. Simply press confirm and the payment will be sent. Please allow up to 10 minutes for the transaction to be completed across the Bitcoin network. On CPC, your balance will automatically be updated once the transaction on the Blockchain has been confirmed. Email us in case there are any concerns. Normally the entire process is automatic.

What is mBTC & How is it calculated?

mBTC is a 'milli' unit of measurement for Bitcoin. Learn more about all the types of units here.

1 mBTC = $8 on average at the current price point of Bitcoin.

You can always use an online calculator to get the exact figure like this one here

To simplify bets, we have included real-time spot USD price conversion in both our lobby and game table.

How it looks on the lobby

How it looks on the table

The cards are confusing, how do I change themes?

You can easily change the cards theme if you find our branded cards confusing or hard to read. We have included a total of 8 cards themes to choose from!

Simply click on the settings button when inside the game table, press 'appearance' then click on the dropdown box that says 'cards face'.

How Rakeback & Ranks work

There are 5 ranks within Crypto Poker Club. The ranks are: Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, Platinum Star, All-Star. Ranks are displayed below including potential earning of each rank.

Each rank has a minimum rake paid volume to sustain the rank for the following month. The minimum volume is shown below:

Bronze Star: $8 of rake
Silver Star: $35 of rake
Gold Star: $300 of rake
Platinum Star: $1200 of rake
All-Star: $2500 of rake

Each rank has a maximum rake paid volume. If exceeded, you will be ranked up automatically in the next rank bracket. The max volume is shown below:

Bronze Star -> Silver Star: $35 of rake
Silver Star -> Gold Star: $150 of rake
Gold Star -> Platinum Star: $700 of rake
Platinum Star -> All-Star: $2500 of rake
All-Star: Unlimited. Must meet minimum requirement to keep rank.

Each rank provides you a set percentage as Rakeback. The percentages are as follows:

Bronze Star: 5%
Silver Star: 10%
Gold Star: 20%
Platinum Star: 35%
All-Star: 50%

Rakeback is credited to your account automatically at the end of each calendar month. The counts (for min and max volumes) then begin from 0 at the first day of each month and end at midnight UTC on the last day of each month. You must either meet the mininum rake requirements to sustain your current rank or exceed it to rank up.

If you do not meet the minimum requirement, you will then be ranked down and for the month you were ranked down - you will get the lower rakeback percentage.

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