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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Casinos: Benefits of using digital currency

For an industry like the online gambling industry, cryptocurrency is a great innovation. Digital coin payments offer many advantages to both the house and the player. These include better security, faster withdrawal processes, and decreased operating cos..

Playboy plans Cryptocurrency launch

Playboy Enterprises has announced it will be launching its own cryptocurrency as part of an online payment wallet. The wallet will service the company’s Digital Media and Casual Gaming businesses.

Crypto & Blockchain: The revolution of the gaming industry

Merging the virtual and real world is a development that is becoming increasingly common in gaming. Most new games involve the integration of game visuals and audio content with a player’s environment in real time. This futuristic phenomenon is described as Augmented Reality (AR).

Bitcoin transactions: how it works & benefits

Bitcoin transfers are one of the most confusing parts for those who are new to the crypto-currency ecosystem. Lets take a deep dive into how this works...

Storing value in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the future of the markets

Bitcoin continues to perform exceptionally well as a Store of Value. The spread of the ecosystem and emergence of new ways to use crypto will certainly impact adoption levels and market value.

Is bitcoin just a bubble and will it burst in 2018?

During the last few months of 2017 Bitcoin hit a fair few milestones and now that 2018 has begun quite a few investors are wondering...

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